Holiday tips for dog owners

Holiday tips for dog owners

Merry Christmas from Go Dog Go!

Holiday tips from Go Dog Go! Dog Training

We hope you and your four footed family members enjoy a peaceful, merry and bright holiday with family and friends.  Here are a few holiday tips for dog owners to help make this happen for your dog and your family.

1:  The Christmas Tree:

  • Set the Christmas tree up in a corner where it is less likely to be knocked down. If you have a cat, or a really rambunctious pup, tie the tree in place
  • Water the tree every day, and don’t use any additives, just in case your dog wants to take a drink.
  • No tinsel!  Tinsel can get all over the place, and it can be very damaging to a dog’s digestive system.

2:  Good Treats for Good Doggies:

  • The holiday season is not a good time to introduce new foods to pets, who may already be upset by changes in routine.
  • Turkey meat, sweet potatoes, yams, carrots, and even brussels sprouts are all good for dogs in reasonable quantities and can help them feel like they are part of the family.  Turkey skin and bones, butter, cream, gravy, chocolate, raisins, alcoholic beverages are all really bad for dogs. Rawhide treats are never a good idea due to the chemicals used to  process the hides, but the chance they could be ingested and cause a digestive blockage is enough to warrant a ban on them in any household .
  • Bully sticks, chew hooves, and homemade dog treats are great stocking stuffers for doggies. Puzzle toys will also help to keep him busy and happy.
  •  Get your dog a gift and wrap it!  Dogs like to unwrap presents just as much as you do, (and they will never be disappointed with their gift! ).  Having your dog involved in the family activities will help to strengthen your bond and get him wanting to do what you want him to do. Don’t put it under the tree until Christmas eve.  On Christmas morning cue a “Stay” while you get his present from under the tree to give him.

Have fun with your pet over the holidays.  Take plenty of long walks and enjoy the season together.

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