Housetraining your puppy: 5 tips for success

Housetraining your puppy: 5 tips for success

How to house train Bulldog PuppiesPotty training a puppy or new rescue dog takes dedication, a plan, good timing and lots of love and patience. Remember, your puppy is a member of a foreign species that has no way of understanding that her potty is outdoors until you show her very clearly. If she makes a mistake, don’t get mad, and don’t correct.  Assess what YOU need to do better and then work with her according to a well thought out plan. Here are some quick and easy tips for puppy potty training will help you get your new puppy or new rescue dog on the right paw for a lifetime of good habits.

  1. Schedule all food, water, potty time. Take her out about every hour at first.
  2.  Confine with a crate or tie her near you or to you or supervise all the time. She should spend the majority of the time interacting with you, not alone in her crate.  Remember:  She will sniff the floor very briefly right before she potties. This is when you need to hustle her out. FAST!
  3. When she gets outside, you must go with her with food rewards. Run with her to the same spot every time. she will forget why she went out. Don’t play with her until after she potties. When she goes, praise her dramatically, give her food (important!) as you praise. Then play with her for a few minutes before you go back inside.
  4.  Keep her off the carpets! Thoroughly clean up any accidents with an odour neutralizing cleaner like white vinegar. Don’t worry, the vinegar smell goes away.
  5. Don’t scold for accidents! Just interrupt with a loud (don’t scare, interrupt) noise Silently hustle her outside. Clean the accident up when you get back. She is just performing to natural, unconscious (like a toddler)bodily functions. If you scold she will get scared and not want to go potty in front of you. Which will be a problem when you try to get her to potty outside.

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