Get calm behaviour the easy way

Get calm behaviour the easy way

Do you have a dog who gets upset at the vet’s office, when you brush him, or even when you go to trim his nails? Getting calm dog behaviour is in the palm of your hand.

Thoroughly teaching a chin rest before you do any of the above can help a dog be comfortable and relaxed through the whole procedure. The idea is to teach the chin rest by clicking downward pressure on your palm upward hand and rewarding while the dog is still in position. Usually 20 repetitions is plenty. Then began making the time before he gets the treat longer and longer until the dog just rests his head on your hand. Next, have a friend introduce sight of the brush right before you cue the chin rest with either a visual (hand in front of him, palm up, or a verbal cue (“chin” works well). The sight of the brush is going to become the cue that a chin rest, with requisite goodies is coming up. Once he is thoroughly used to the sight of the brush, and immediately rests his head in your hand when he sees it, then you can start bringing it close to him and continue marking and feeding. Last, he will rest his head in your hand while he is being brushed. You can switch this up with the same technique and different tools. Just be very sure to work very gradually. Good dog behaviour is easy if we make it easy for the dog to understand what we want. If you like the video please like it and subscribe.

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